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E-Flo   iQ


Meter from the Drum Technology
• A precision servo motor drives a positive displacement pump

• The MaxLife pump includes an enclosed wet cup for use in harsh environments

• Closed loop control of system flow rate

• All electric drive reduces plant air consumption

• Reduced system complexity and maintenance requirements

• Single and Tandem configurations, 5 and 55-Gallon packages

Optional Heat Controls
• System can be configured with integrated heat control from the pump to the nozzle

Advanced Display Module

• Controls all functions of the system

Modular Dispense Valve
• Valve can be configured as ball seat, tip seal, or snuff back
• Compact and lightweight design

• Multiple standard nozzles

• Standard configuration for use with Coherix Predator3D vision sensor

• Compatible with Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Devicenet interfaces




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