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E-Flo   SP


For industrial sealant and adhesive applications, Graco Electric Pumps and Supply Systems improve process performance, prevent downtime, reduce maintenance costs and increase electrical efficiency. E-Flo SP electric supply pumps are powered by an electric driver which provides real-time, integrated, closed-loop flow control. Trials have proven that the Graco solution provides superior performance and efficiency when compared to pneumatic supply pumps in constant pressure systems. The Graco E-Flo SP enables the evolution of control strategies from constant-pressure to variable-flow. This revolutionary electric supply pump technology can be coupled with our Precision Continuous Flow (PCF) to provide real-time, closed-loop flow control.

Save Energy - More efficient than pneumatic, constant pressure systems

Prevent Downtime - The E-Flo SP lets users know how much work has been done by the pump, preventing unplanned maintenance

Lower Maintenance Costs - Coordinate multiple pump loads to evenly distribute load and reduce wear

Improve Quality - Smooth, rapid changeovers and consistent flow

Improve Work Environment - Quiet electric motor

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