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New design for compact solutions.


The InvisiPac HM25c tank-free hot melt dispensing system has a compact design making it easy to install in any packaging line. And because all the controls are included in the internal circuit board, the unit can work independent from its control panel (ADM). This means that the controls can be operated from afar or integrated into other control panels.



  • 10-min start up time

  • Connection for 8 zones

  • Standard integrated material tracking

  • Auto shut-off capability after user defined idle time

  • USB download of operating data, errors and event history

  • Quantitatively analyze machine performance to improve preventative maintenance and reduce downtime

  • Internal pattern control with easy pattern set up on all configurations

  • Auto-tuning fill adjusts over time as conditions change eliminating the need for calibration

  • 25lb/hr (11.3 kg/hr) melt rate




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