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Posi-Ratio by Positive Displacement

The Graco PR70 positive displacement metering expertise in a compact, modular design to support a broad range of industries and applications. The Graco PR70 fixed and variable ratio systems accurately meter, mix and dispense medium-to-low viscosity materials for bonding, sealing, potting, gasketing, encapsulation and syringe filling.

Industry-proven accuracy, reliability and durability

  • Unmatched shot-to-shot accuracy:  Ratio accuracy to +/-1%

  • 2X increase in Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)

  • Multiple seat styles and adjustable snuffback for high-pressure accuracy and clean, precise dispensing

  • Long pump life and no corrosion due to Chromex shafts, Severe Duty cylinders with stainless steel fittings 

Flexibility: multiple configurations to support a variety of applications

  • Ratio range from 1:1 to 24:1 with variable drive

  • Shot size ranges from 2 to 70 cc’s

  • Multiple feed systems: polyethylene, stainless steel or off-board tanks with multiple tube sizes

  • Reliable servo motor control option

Easy to use and less downtime

Standard features include: electric controls, digital shot entry, gel timer, purge, and preventative maintenance counters.




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