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Dispense Technologies is providing the latest 3D vision technology from Coherix with the industry proven PCF metering system from Graco for bead inspection. 

The Predator3D     inspects bead height, width, volume and position continuously to provide reliable inspection results. It detects bead skips, variations and has an optional auto repair function.

The Graco PCF provides real-time closed-loop flow control. Continuous flow design without the need for reload and low cost of ownership with fewer wear parts.

Application Areas

  •  Body shop and stamping, structural adhesive and sealant

  •  Form in place gaskets

  •  Windshield urethane

Integrated Package

  • Reduced installation time

  • A single panel with fence mount brackets for vision and dispense control, powered by 24 vdc

  • 24" Widescreen Full HD LCD 

  • The dispense valve and vision sensor are provided on a common bracket

  • 200 mm part standoff to allow ease of programming around part features

  • Extended shutoff on the dispense valve to reduce drooling

Vision Sensor Features

  • Robot carried or pedestal mounting

  • Robust 3D inspection of bead height, width, and volume 400 times a second

  • Accurate inspection of bead location relative to part features

  • Configurable reporting and displays

  • Full part traceability with flexible archiving options

  • Optional auto repair of bead skips and variations

  • Impervious to ambient lighting  and part color changes


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